Original copies of the acts can be found at:

Early Canadiana Online (eco.canadiana.ca)

LLMC Digital (www.llmc.com)

The National Archives of the United Kingdom

Each act includes a note concerning its source, indicating where it was originally sourced from. It is rare to find a complete set of legislative acts for any province at either Early Canadiana or LLMC Digital, in which case we completed the acts ourselves by digitizing images of original documents from the National Archives of the United Kingdom.

Other useful websites include:

Dictionary of Canadian Biography www.biographi.ca/en/index.php - includes many of the individuals cited in the legislative acts, including individual lawmakers, businessmen, and sometimes rebels.

The Canadian Encyclopedia www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/ - provides context surrounding events which are often referred to in the legislative acts, such as the Aroostook War, the Upper and Lower Canada Rebellions.

For interesting historical analysis in Canadian history topics, see:

Borealia: a group blog on early Canadian history: earlycanadianhistory.ca

Unwritten Histories: www.unwrittenhistories.com