Director: Dr. Elizabeth Mancke, Canada Research Chair in Atlantic Canada Studies, University of New Brunswick

Project Manager: Dr. Stephanie Pettigrew, University of New Brunswick

Graduate Student Contributors:

Dr. David Bent, PhD (UNB)
Erin Isaac, MA (UNB); PhD Candidate (Western)
Alanna James, MA (UNB)
Mark Landry, PhD Candidate (UNB)
Katherine MacDonald, PhD Candidate (UNB)
Dr. Mark McLaughlin, PhD (UNB)
Rebecca Stieva, PhD Candidate (McGill)

Work Study Student Contributors:

Jadrien Hong
Courtney Hooper
Brittany Kierstead
Adam Shannon

Digitization Technicians:

Samantha Blais
Marc Gagnon
Kimberly Stewart
Jacquelyn Teo
Sydney Crain


New Brunswick Student Employment Experience Development (SEED) Students:

Alan Jones
Jenna Miller
Shannon Munn

Archival Partners:

The Beaton Institute

Student transcribers:

Mariah Hudec
Bennet McNutt

Special Thanks To:

Catherine Arsenault & Jane Arnold
University of New Brunswick's Centre for Digital Scholarship

Funds provided by the Canada Research Chairs Program, University of New Brunswick's Work Study Program, Employment and Social Development Canada, and the New Brunswick Student Employment Experience Development (SEED) program.