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An Act in further amendment of an Act to regulate the Jurisdiction of the Inferior Court of Common Pleas, within the County of Cape Breton; and to fix and establish the times and places for holding of the said Inferior Court, and General Sessions of the Peace, in and for the said County. 8 George IV – Chapter 34 1827 An amendment to an act passed in 1823, which allows for the division of Cape Breton into three separate districts which will each have its own inferior court and general sessions of the peace. The times at which the court will be held in the southern district are changed to the second Tuesday of March and the second Tuesday of November. Early Canadiana Online
An Act in further addition to, and amendment of, an Act, passed in the thirty-second year of the Reign of His late Majesty King George the Second, entitled, “An Act for the establishment of Religious public Worship in this Province, and for suppressing Popery,” and to repeal the third Section of an Act, entitled, “An Act for relieving His Majesty’s Subjects, professing the Popish Religion, from certain penalties and disabilities imposed on them by the Act of the General Assembly of this Province, made in the sixth year of His present Majesty’s reign, entitled, ‘An Act concerning Schools and Schoolmasters.’” 8 George IV – Chapter 33 1827 Further amendment to an act passed in 1783, which repealed several measures imposed on Catholics two previous acts. The current amendment pertains to education of Catholics in the province. Early Canadiana Online
An Act in amendment of, and in addition to, an Act, passed in the thirty sixth year of His late Majesty’s Reign, entitled, “An Act to regulate Juries.” 8 George IV – Chapter 32 1827 An amendment to an act first passed in 1796, which sets out the conditions that need to be met by potential jurors, as well as detailing the requirements they are to meet while serving as jurors. The amendment modifies the fines applicable to those who refuse service. Early Canadiana Online
An Act in amendment of an Act, entitled, “An Act for establishing a Bridewell, or House of Correction, for the County of Halifax, and for the better and more effectual administration of the office of a Justice of the Peace in the Township of Halifax, and for providing a Police Office in the said Town, with proper Officers to attend the same.” 8 George IV – Chapter 31 1827 An amendment of an act first passed in 1815, which established a bridewell in Halifax. The amendment pertains to the retirement of John George Pyke, the police magistrate, allowing for a pension as well as the appointment of his replacement. Early Canadiana Online
An Act for dividing the Parish of St. Paul, in the Township of Halifax. 8 George IV – Chapter 30 1827 This act creates a new Anglican parish in Halifax, dividing the parish of St George into two - Saint George and Saint Paul. The limits of the new parish and old parish are specified, as well as those who will be excepted from paying a tithe to one church due to owning a pew in the other. Early Canadiana Online
An Act to continue and amend the Act for regulating the expenditure of Monies appropriated for the service of Roads and Bridges. 8 George IV – Chapter 29 1827 The continuation and amendment of an act first passed in 1824 which regulates the appointment of local commissioners to supervise the construction and the expenditure of money granted to improve and construct roads. Early Canadiana Online
An Act to extend to Bridgetown, in the County of Annapolis, the Provisions of the Act relating to Commissioners of Highways, in Halifax, and certain other places. 8 George IV – Chapter 28 1827 This act extends an act which originally applied to Halifax to Bridgetown. This act has been amended several times before to extend to Annapolis Royal, Windsor, Liverpool, Lunenburg, and Pictou. Early Canadiana Online
An Act to authorize the Justices of the Peace in the Town of Halifax, to borrow money, on the credit of the Town, for erecting a suitable Stone Building, as a Magazine for the reception of all Gunpowder imported and brought into Halifax; and to compel the Importers thereof, to deposit the same in the Magazine. 8 George IV – Chapter 27 1827 This act allows the merchants of Halifax to borrow money to build their own storehouse for powder, as orders have been received from the Duke of Wellington to prohibit the said merchants from storing their powder in the King's storehouse. Early Canadiana Online
An Act relating to Common Fields. 8 George IV – Chapter 26 1827 This act regulates the branding of cattle in order to avoid disputes between the proprietors of cattle using a common field. Brands must be registered with the town clerk, and penalties are imposed on anyone who is found using someone else's registered brand. Early Canadiana Online
An Act to revive and continue the several Acts of the General Assembly, for raising a Revenue to repair the Roads throughout the Province, by laying a duty on Persons hereafter to be licensed to keep Public Houses and Shops for the retail of Spirituous Liquors. 8 George IV – Chapter 25 1827 A continuation of several past acts which impose taxes on public houses in order to pay for road repair across the province. Early Canadiana Online