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Title Chapter Date Passed Legislative Summary Source Document
An Act to incorporate The Elgin Association, for the settlement and moral improvement of the Coloured Population of Canada. 10th August, 1850. 13 & 14 Victoria – Chapter 144 1850 This act incorporates the Elgin Association, which has as its purpose the resettling of former slaves in the Chatham area. The act sets out the various rules and regulations under which the Association is to operate. Early Canadiana Online
An Act to prevent the further introduction of Slaves, and to limit the Term of contracts for Servitude within this Province. 33 George III Chapter 7 1793 This act repeals legislation granting licenses for the importation of slaves and makes it henceforth illegal to subject any person to the condition of slavery or involuntary service for life. Laws of His Majesty's Province of Upper Canada, in North America; Comprising all the Acts of the Honourable the Lesgislature of the Province Aforesaid. Niagara: Gordon Tiffany, 1795.
An Act for punishing Rogues, Vagabonds, and other idle and disorderly Persons. 14 George III Chapter 5 1774 This Act deems soldiers or mariners travelling without a pass from their commanding officer, or other idle and wandering persons, including deserted servants or "lunatics", as "idle and disorderly persons." The Act outlines how idle and disorderly persons are to be proceeded against, including sums to be given to anyone who delivers such a person to a constable or Justice, and the punishments they will be given such as fines and hard labour. Early Canadiana Online
An act for Regulating Servants. 5 George III – Chapter 7 1765 This Act implements several measures to prevent bound and hired servants and apprentices from deserting their service without legal discharge. Servants whose masters or mistresses refuse to discharge them are permitted to apply to a Justice of the Peace who may rule on whether the reasons for refusal are sufficient. Punishments for servants who desert and for masters or mistresses who are found to treat their servants badly are outlined. Early Canadiana Online
An Act for the Regulating Innholders, Tavernkeepers, and Retailers of Spirituous Liquors. 2 George III – Chapter 1 1762 This Act limits the amount tavernkeepers can put on someone's tab and makes provision for patrons to recover their loss if a tavernkeeper refuses to return a pawn or pledge left for security. National Archive of the United Kingdom