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An Act to authorize Michel Dubord, Esquire, to build a Toll-Bridge over the River Champlain. (17th March, 1821.)

Province:Lower Canada (1792-1823)
Chapter:1 George IV Chapter 24
Jurisdictional Relevance:Private
Description:An act authorising Michel Dubord, Esquire to build and collect a toll on a bridge crossing the River Champlain. Dubord is granted the authority to take and use of the land required to build the bridge. Standards and stipulations for the bridge's construction and maintenance are outlined. The allowable tolls that can be charged are described, as well as those to be excepted from tolls. Additionally, after a period of fifty years, it is made lawful for the Crown to assume possession of the bridge. Time restraints allowed for the construction and repairs are outlined, as well as penalties for those who neglect the tenets of the bill.
Source:Not Available