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An Act to reimburse a certain sum of Money therein-mentioned, to His Majesty’s Government, and to make further provision for the relief of Insane Persons and for the support of Foundlings and others therein-mentioned. (17th March, 1821.)

Province:Lower Canada (1792-1823)
Chapter:1 George IV Chapter 18
Concepts:Government Revenue/Revenue gouvernemental
Public Health/Santé publique
Jurisdictional Relevance:Provincial/Provinciale
Description:An act to reimburse funds in the amount of sum of six thousand seven hundred pounds, two shillings and five pence half penny given in 1819 and 1820 for the relief of Insane Persons and Foundlings in the Districts of Quebec, Montreal and Trois-Rivières. The government also makes it lawful for the Governor, Lieutenant-Governor or person Administering the Government of the Province to issue an amount not exceeding two thousand and thirty pounds in the District of Quebec, fifteen hundred pounds in the District of Montreal, and five hundred sixty-seven pounds in the District of Three Rivers in 1821. Additionally, a sum not exceeding three hundred and thirty-six pounds is granted towards completing repairs to cells for the reception and relief of Insane persons and the General Hospital near Quebec.The expenses are to be recorded and presented at the ensuing Session of the Legislature of the Province.
Source:Not Available