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An Act further to extend for a limited time, the duration of an Act passed in the fifty-fifth year of His late Majesty’s Reign, intituled, “An Act to grant new Duties to His Majesty to supply the wants of the Province.” (17th March, 1821.)

Province:Lower Canada (1792-1823)
Chapter:1 George IV Chapter 12
Concepts:Trade Regulation/Réglementation du commerce
Jurisdictional Relevance:Provincial/Provinciale
Description:An act to further continue an act originally passed in 1815 and continued in 1817 and 1819. The original act imposed new duties on items including varies teas, wines, molasses, and syrups. The rates of these duties were also set. The act also specified the processes by which licenses for auctioning the goods subject to these duties are to be obtained, including the oath or affirmation auctioneers must swear to when rendering their accounts to the Receiver General. This act is to expire in 1822.
Source:Not Available