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An Act to continue two several Acts therein mentioned for regulating the Fisheries in the inferior District of Gaspé. (17th March, 1814.)

Province:Lower Canada (1792-1823)
Chapter:54 George III Chapter 4
Concepts:Natural Resources/Ressources naturelles
Jurisdictional Relevance:Local
Description:An act continue an act originally passed in 1807, amended in 1808, and continued in 1812 that allows British subjects to freely take bait, cut wood, and fish from any river, creek, harbour, or road within the certain parts of the District of Gaspé. The original act also grants commander of British and Irish vessels the right to occupy unoccupied beaches within the district in order to cure and prepare fish for export. The 1808 amendments establish that all casks, barrels, or tierces of fish must be inspected by the Inspector of Fish prior to export and implements further restrictions regarding how fish should be caught and exported. These acts are to continue in force until 1816.
Source:Not Available