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An Act further to extend the Provisions of two several Acts therein mentioned, for facilitating the circulation of Army Bills. (17th March, 1814.)

Province:Lower Canada (1792-1823)
Chapter:54 George III Chapter 3
Concepts:Financial Regulation/Regulation financière
Jurisdictional Relevance:Interprovincial
Description:An act to extend an act originally passed in 1812, and an act that extended it in 1813. The original acts outlined the issue, use, and limitations of Army Bills, including their rate of exchange and interest, the denominations Army Bills could be distributed in, and the institution of the Army Bill Office. The amount allowed to be in circulation is increased from five hundred thousand dollars to fifteen hundred thousand pounds. The act imposes further regulations on the Army Bill Office and the issue of Army Bills. Punishments for counterfeiters are outlined.
Source:Not Available