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An Act further to continue for a limited time an Act passed in the fifty-first year of His Majesty's Reign, intituled, “An Act for establishing Regulations respecting Aliens and certain Subjects of His Majesty who have resided in France, coming into this Province or residing therein.” (17th March, 1814.)

Province:Lower Canada (1792-1823)
Chapter:54 George III Chapter 2
Jurisdictional Relevance:Provincial/Provinciale
Description:This act further continues an passed in 1811 which revised a former act originally passed in 1793 "An Act for establishing regulations respecting Aliens and certain subjects of his Majesty, who have resided in France, coming into this Province, or residing therein; and for empowering his Majesty to secure and detain persons charged with or suspected of High Treason; and for the arrest and commitment of all persons, who may individually, by seditious practices, attempt to disturb the Government of this Province." The act requires that ship commanders report the number of "foreigners" on board their vessel to Customs officials when they arrive at ports within the province. The act grants authority to Justices of the Peace to jail and remove "Aliens" who remain within the province longer than the period allowed by the court. Penalties including fines are outlined as well as who is to be considered an "Alien." It also requires anyone entering into the province to receive a passport from appointed individuals stationed at Frontier Posts.Under this act, the 1811 act is to continue in force until 1815.
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