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An Act further to continue for a limited time an Act passed in the forty-eighth year of His Majesty’s Reign, intituled “An Act to regulate the Trial of Controverted Elections or Returns of Members to serve in the House of Assembly of Lower Canada.” (17th March, 1814.)

Province:Lower Canada (1792-1823)
Chapter:54 George III Chapter 1
Concepts:Elections & Public Office/Fonction Publique
Jurisdictional Relevance:Provincial/Provinciale
Description:An act to further continue the act originally passed in 1808 which specifies standards for petitions complaining of undue elections of Members to the House of Assembly. Restrictions including the contents, allowable dates for petitions, and a fee to bring forward a petition were also outlined in the original act. The act is set to expire in 1816.
Source:Not Available