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An Act further to continue for a limited time the powers granted to certain commissioners by an act, intituled, “An Act for removing the Old Walls and Fortifications that surround the City of Montreal and otherwise to provide for the salubrity, convenience and embellishment of the said City;” as also to continue for a limited time the extension of the said powers in certain cases. (15th February, 1813.)

Province:Lower Canada (1792-1823)
Chapter:53 George III Chapter 8
Concepts:Public Lands
Jurisdictional Relevance:Local
Description:This act extends the powers of commissioners and the treasurer appointed under an act passed in 1801 and continued in 1805 and 1808 which had been set to expire. The act sets a new expiry for these positions. The original act set out provisions for removing the walls and fortifications around Montreal, and outlined how the lands then occupied by the walls and fortifications should be sold.
Source:Not Available