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Title Chapter Date Passed Legislative Summary Source Document
An Act for confirming Titles to Lands, and quieting Possessions. 32 George II – Chapter 2 1758 This Act confirms title to land claimed by virtue of any last will or testament and the process by which disputes over property will be settled, including how debtors can recover their property. Under this Act, all Catholics are only to have title to lands granted by the Crown and all other deeds or wills are made null and void. National Archive of the United Kingdom
An Act for confirming the Proceedings on the several Resolutions of the Governors and Council of this Province, relating to the Duties of Import on Rum, and other distilled Liquors; and enabling the late Collector or Receiver to recover the Monies unpaid for any Bonds or Notes remaining in his Hands; And for establishing and regulating several Duties of Impost on Wines, Beer, Rum, and other distilled Spirituous Liquors for the future. 32 George II – Chapter 1 1758 Specifies rates of duties on imported alcohols, such as wine, beer, and rum. Manner of collection and penalties for not paying duty fees are included. National Archive of the United Kingdom